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the CJSO

Executive Officers


The Canada-Japan Society of Ottawa is managed by volunteer members who work diligently in association with other related Organizations, to bridge the gap of distance, culture and language which separates the people of Canada and Japan, and to facilitate cross-cultural contact between persons of Japanese and non-Japanese origin. 

At the Annual General Meeting in April every year, the membership meets to elect its Board of Directors and establish a rich programme for the coming fiscal year which runs from September 1 to August  31.

President: Sam Toma, samtca@hotmail.com

Vice President : Mac Johnston, macjohnston@rogers.com

Treasurer/ Membership / Webmaster : Les Kumar, les.kumar@gmail.com 

Director/ Dinner Coordinator : Yumiko Tsunakawa, yumikotsuna@hotmail.com

Director: Robert Matthews, robertm@emarcitex.com

Director/ Interim Newsletter Editor : S. Wolf, the_starwolf@rogers.com

Director: Rob Laird, roblaird_ca@yahoo.ca

The Canada-Japan Society of Ottawa
P.O. Box 8260, Station T Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3H7

eMail: cjso@cjso-ottawa.org

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