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CJSO maintains a close contact with similar Organizations in Ottawa, other Canadian Cities and in Japan in order to share information, exchange ideas and learn from each other. All these Societies try to establish "people links" and thus ensure a better understanding between the people of Canada and Japan.  The links below will move you away from CJSO's website to a chosen Japan-related website.

Ottawa-Japanese Community Association
A social organization designed for Japanese-Canadians and those interested in Japan who are living in the Ottawa-Hull area.

Membership inquiries can be directed to:
Unit B-16 2285 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4Z4
Telephone: (613) 731-7939, Facsimile: (613) 731-1367

Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre Inc
The OJCC is closely linked with the Ottawa-Japanese Community Association and serves to enhance the presence of Japanese culture in the local community. It hosts a variety of cultural events for the members of both the OJCC and the Ottawa-Japanese Community Association.

Membership is joint with the OJCC. Inquiries can be directed to:
Unit B-16 2285 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4Z4
Telephone: (613) 731-7939, Facsimile: (613) 731-1367

JET Alumni Association of Ottawa
An organization for former Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program participants who are living in the Ottawa area. The Association helps with adjusting to life in Canada after the program and acts as a resource and social club for its membership. The Association also assists in the pre-departure training for new participants and has worked with the Embassy of Japan in selecting candidates for the program.

Membership inquiries should be directed to:

337-99 5th Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Progamme Canada
For more than 20 years the JET Programme has invited enthusiastic young university graduates from around the world to spend a year (or more) working in Japanese schools and cultural organizations. In the process JET participants gain valuable work and life experience as well as having the opportunity to be fully immersed in the daily reality of this intriguing and dynamic country..
Provides useful information about Ottawa in Japanese.

Ottawa Japanese Language School
Ottawa's community-run Japanese Language School. Information on school location, course fees and dates, as well as links to websites to help you learn Japanese.

Ottawa Japanese Language Meetup Group
This is the place to come and practice your Japanese in the Ottawa area and a great place to make friends and meet other people with an interest in the Japanese Language, the Japanese Culture, and also to meet language exchange partners.
So no matter if the only Japanese word you know is "sushi" or you know enough words to fill a book... you will still have a great time.

The Ottawa Bonsai Society
The Ottawa Bonsai Society (OBS) established in 1984, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest and understanding in the art form of bonsai.

Ottawa Centennial Chapter No 120 Ikebana International
Information on activities and list of teachers.

Camellia Teas of Ottawa
Camellia Teas of Ottawa was founded by Rebecca Benoit in 2005 after her return from living in Japan from 
1998 - 2005. This volunteer group celebrates Tea Ceremony cultures from around the world and always welcomes new members. 

Ka Do
The local Haiku Ottawa Group of Haiku Canada
Provides links to anime clubs and information on events.

Oto-wa Taiko Group
Ottawa's own Japanese Drum Group.
Learn about their history and philosophy as well as upcoming performance dates and booking information. 

National Association of Japanese Canadians
The NAJC is the national organization in Canada that represents the Japanese-Canadian community. Under the umbrella of the national body, there are member organizations across Canada. The primary focus is Human Rights and Community Development.

Canada Japan Society of Montréal
The Canada-Japan Society of Montréal is a non profit socio-cultural organization founded in 1960 to facilitate cultural exchange between Canadians and Japanese for the promotion of understanding and friendship.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montréal
The primary role of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal (JCCCM) is to provide a permanent location where the cultural heritage of the Japanese Canadians with its unique historical background could be sustained and shared by our community as well as by members of the Canadian public.

Consulate General of Japan at Montreal
Information on activities and organizations in Montreal, Québec and the Maritimes. 

The Japan Society
The goal of the Japan Society is to promote and enhance business, educational and cultural relationships and understanding between Canada and Japan.. 

The Canada-Japan Society of Toronto
Information about The Canada-Japan Society of Toronto and an extensive collection of Canada-Japan and Japan-Canada links. 

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto)
The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is a not for profit, charitable organization which provides programs, events and facilities to promote the understanding and appreciation of Japanese heritage and culture for the enrichment of the lives of people in the community at large.

Canada Japan Society of BC
The goals of the Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia are: "To encourage and to increase the opportunities in British Columbia for the extension of friendship and understanding between the people of Canada and the people of Japan."

Japanese Canadian National Museum
The Japanese Canadian National Museum (JCNM) is housed within the National Nikkei Heritage Centre (NNHC). The NNHC is located at the corner of Kingsway and Sperling in Burnaby, at the geographic centre of the Greater Vancouver area.

Mokuyokai [ Vancouver Canada-Japan Society ]
Information on current Mokuyokai events in Vancouver and membership, plus links to their newsletter and selected Japan-related websites.

Asian Canadian
An extensive site with listings of Asian Canadian Associations, Organizations and Programs. 

The Canada-Japan Society of Ottawa
P.O. Box 8260, Station T, Ottawa, ON K1G 3H7

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